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Our Mission

At Rhema Word Christian Academy, it is our goal to nurture children in a way that encourages learning and inspires growth.

Through the guidance of God and with the help of a brilliant and experienced teaching staff, Rhema Word Christian Academy creates a safe environment for students to learn, grow, and prosper. We integrate God’s views of the world into our academics to create a curriculum that promotes academic, artistic, and spiritual greatness. With a Christ-centered educational program, we are helping our talented students grow and develop into the beautiful people God intended them to be.

In addition to the rich learning environment we create for our students, our Fort Lauderdale Christian school offers:

Rhema Word Christian Academy offers a fused curriculum that allows us to cater to the different learning abilities of all our students. With our small class sizes and dedication to academic excellence, our teaching staff is able to provide each student with individualized attention to ensure that they are fully comprehending each lesson. You can rest assured that your child will never be left behind.

In our passage to developing Christian leaders of influence, we believe that money should never stand in the way of a child’s education. Therefore, Rhema Word Christian Academy accepts various scholarship programs through McKay, Step Up for Students, and AAA.

By establishing a close relationship with our students, we are ensuring that they are receiving the best education possible, as well as the support they need to build a strong faith-based foundation that will help them achieve academic, spiritual, and emotional proficiency. With the help of God’s grace, our Fort Lauderdale Christian School is a fully nurturing environment that not only fosters educational growth, but creativity, love, and support. We want every student who steps through our doors to leave with an excellent education and the drive to make a difference in our ever-changing, culturally diverse world.

Rhema Word Christian Academy is now accepting enrollees for the K-12 program.

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